In conversations with members of the community, Utah state Representative, Dr. Suzanne Harrison found that people were enthusiastic to buy Tier 3 gas because they wanted to do their part to clean up the air, but that they needed to know where to buy it. She created the website in order to take effective action and empower people with needed information.

While is interested in expanding the number of its partners, it received crucial early support from LDS Earth Stewardship and Envision Utah. A research team focused on air quality at BYU has also provided assistance. appreciates the input and support of a bipartisan group of local elected officials. We also appreciate the input of air quality stakeholders including UCAIR, Breathe Utah, and local refineries that are committed to producing Tier 3 gas.

Cleaning up our air can be as simple as where you choose to fill up your tank. Be part of the solution by using and sharing Do your part to clean up the air.

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